Do you notice God’s reminders?

Yesterday, we had a lunch and learn to help us become more detail oriented when it comes to project management. One of the main tools we used was an old school method of using post-it notes to stay organized during the project.
The post-it notes were also used for reminders in everyday tasks. Examples of how people use them were interesting. Some people use them to remind themselves to do certain chores around the house at certain times. For instance, in the bathroom, they may have one that said to make sure their hair straightener was off before turning the light off. This post-it note would be a reminder stuck to the light switch in the bathroom.
Another example of someone utilizing post-it notes was to leave little hints around the house for their kids and spouse. The wife may leave a post-it note on her husband’s computer saying how much she loves and appreciates the work he does to support the family and the husband may leave one for his wife saying how much he thanks her for what she does daily for the kids and himself. The examples can differentiate for each and every individual.
Have you ever taken the time to notice the post-it notes that God leaves us daily? The sunrise in the morning, the natural landscaping around you, and the moonlight at night that shows the beauty of life that God has made for us. Our children and our spouse that Christ has blessed us with is a reminder of how much he loves and us blesses our life daily. If you have had a hard day and you survived; that is a reminder of how you can accomplish any task with Christ present in your life.
God gives us daily reminders of His love. Everywhere you look can be a reminder of how He has blessed you. Your house, your car, your job, your spouse, your kids….you get the point! The world is full of post-it notes from Christ. Let’s take the time to notice them and give thanks to Him for everything He has created for us.
God is Good!
“Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made……”

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