Never Give Up On Your Goal

It’s A Wonderful Life

This time of year there are dozens and dozens of Christmas movies that show on television each week. Christmas movies tend to make people happy and bring joy this time of year. Families gather around together and watch movies that they watch each year together. It becomes a tradition. It is a great time of the year.

One of the most popular Christmas movies of all times is an old black and white film. The old 1946 film “It’s A Wonderful Life” is popular among many families. The movie may be an old Christmas tradition that has carried out from generation to generation but it also has a great Christian story behind it.

George Bailey seemed to always be doing something. He wanted to help out people in the town with anything they needed. With each attempt to rise above his town, he would fail and he would end up worse off. George turned down help from people with money because he wanted to do it all on his own. There came a point in his life where he was beaten, down, and was ready to end his life. While on the bridge, ready to end it all, George was visited by an angel who showed him the good that he has done in other people’s life.

We could learn a lot from George Bailey. During his life, he kept on trying to do good for people. He never gave up on his goal. When his business was about to go under, he gave his own money to the people to help them out.

We need to remain focused on our goal as well. No matter what life throws at us, we need to keep our eye on the prize and keep on going. Along the way, there will be people that need help for different reasons. Being a Christ-like example will allow us to help them and maintain our path to eternal life with Christ. Spending eternity with God is the ultimate gift.

If you are one who has lost focus and quit trying hard to get to Heaven, Christ will forgive you and get you back on the right track. Repent and come back to Him. If you need encouragement, our Christian family will help as well. Just reach out and let us be a part of your family as well.

God is Good.

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