Do You Need Duct Tape?

What is one thing that you just can’t live without? The one object that seems to always be the answer to all your problems? It seems to fix everything that breaks. Recently, we (well I) dropped an iron and the water reservoir broke and all of the water drained out. Instead of going to buy a new iron, I stuck this one item all over the crack and it sealed it. Now, the iron is good as new!

So what is this item? Well, the title may have given it away but its duct tape. Duct tape seems to be the go-to tool for all our broken items. We’ve used duct tape for everything and it always seems to work as intended.

Duct tape is a lot like our faith, it holds things together. Faith holds our relationship with Christ together. When your life is broken and needs to be repaired, your faith in God is what can save your soul.

God is also like duct tape. He is always accessible and ready to be called up to fix any problem. All we have to do is remember to call on Him when we are needing help. We must carry Him with us at all times in order to be able to utilize his power.

Is your life torn in different ways? Do you need spiritual duct tape to help you get your life back together? The only one that can help you is God. We can pray for you and lift your name up to Him. Repent of the sins that are tearing you down and God will apply his duct tape to your life.


God is Good

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