Are you buckled?

What is one thing that we use everywhere we go? Whether we are in a car or on an airplane, we must use this device. It is used to help protect us in case of a serious accident and in a lot of cases it saves our life. 

This device that wraps around our body is the seat belt. 

We see many billboards and highway marquee signs that tell us that is is the law to buckle up. We have all seen, on the news, and some have witnessed it in person and maybe have been a part of a wreck where seat belts have saved lives. 

Buckling up is an easy task to do and it only takes a few seconds to do. This small act can help save you from serious injuries in case of a wreck. 

This small safety tool that comes standard in all vehicles can save our lives. 

In our spiritual life, when do we decide to ‘buckle up’ with Christ? Do we keep him locked around us at all times no matter what we may be doing? Or is buckling up with Christ only something that we do when we are going through a hard time and believe that we need him? Do we think that we can survive life’s wrecks on our own therefore we don’t buckle up much at all? Do we only buckle up with Him when we are around other Christians?

Having Christ in our life and Him wrapped around us in every situation of our life can help us overcome anything that we may endure. Whether a death in the family, a loss of a job, or any other unthinkable situation, He can help us with any pain we suffer. He is the only one who has the ability to keep us safe. 

He is with us no matter what path we decide to take but it is up to us to use (follow) Him. 

If you are someone who struggles to fasten the seatbelt of Christ around you, we pray that you will put Him on as soon as you can and leave Him buckled around you. Let Him be in control of your life and your life will be more fulfilling. If you need help getting your seatbelt fastened, there are amazing groups of Christian brothers and sisters that can help. Simply reach out and let us pray for you!

God is Good

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