Spiritual Vitamins


Vitamins have become popular over the past few decades. There are hundreds of different companies that produce many different types of vitamins. What is the main purpose of vitamins? It is simple, they are produced so you can take them to keep you healthy.

Vitamins are a pill that we take that will benefit us over the long-term. We know that taking one vitamin will not instantly heal us or instantly help us. Vitamins take a certain amount of time to soak in our system and we keep taking them so they will stay in our system. For instance, we may want to have strong bones as we get older. We start to take vitamin D. We know that on day one our bones will not instantly be stronger. Vitamin D has to get in our system and make stay in our system to help our bones get stronger and stay stronger over time. If we quit taking it, our bones will not continue to get stronger.

With vitamins, we need to make sure they are actually vitamins that are good for us. There are so many different brands of vitamins and some of them do not have all natural ingredients that are actually good for us. By researching, we find the ones that are actually good for our bodies and that will help us maintain great health.

Do you know what else can help us in the long run?

Like our daily vitamin supplement, we need to get our daily dose of God’s Word as well. Getting into the Bible daily can have a huge impact on your life in the long run. We take vitamins each day to stay healthy, we need to get into God’s word daily to keep our relationship with Him healthy. There are many ways to get into God’s Word. The easiest is to simply open up the Bible and read it. Many people struggle with different challenges in their life and they may find that getting into topical Bible discussions as a way to help their life stay on track with Christ. For example, someone struggling with addictions of certain sorts may want to stick with Bible studies that will help them stay away from their troubles.

Keeping Christ in your life each day not only has a positive long-term impact on you but it will have an impact on your families and friends as well. If your kids see you reading the Bible, or you read the Bible with them, they will grow up with that as a part of their daily routine and will pass that information along to their friends and future families as well. Your friends will know that you have set aside time each day to make time for Christ and in turn could see how it impacts your life in a positive way and want to do it as well too.

Many Christians today struggle with keeping God in their daily life. They are faithful Christians but tend to put God off for other things. Going back to the example of the vitamins, when we quit taking them daily, it does not have the full impact that it would if we take them daily. The same works with God. If we only have Him in our life every few days, our relationship with Him may not be as strong as it could be.

Life gets busy, especially when we have kids. Kids get involved in many different things such as sports, plays, and other types of activities. As parents, we need to work hard to keep Christ a priority in their life as well as ours. Keeping God in our daily life will help our kids realize that Christ comes first. It will change their life, it will change our lives as parents, and it can change those who see Christ in you as well.

God is Good.

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