Are you insured?

Are you insured? 

Do you ever wonder why you pay a crazy amount of money each month for insurance you feel that you never use? Unless you go to the doctor a lot or you are a horrible driver, you don’t utilize your insurance benefits. Sometimes insurance can seem more of a gamble than a benefit. 

You never really understand why you have to have it until you actually need it. 

Last summer, we were on our way back to West Tennessee to attend a funeral when we were run off the road by a semi. The trucker didn’t stop. As we spun around, while pulling a trailer, and gracefully landed in a ditch. All of the airbags deployed, the frame was bent, and the body was beat up. The truck was totaled. 

Luckily, we had full coverage insurance that we have been paying for since we purchased the truck. The dollars that we poured into the insurance payments over the two years we had had the truck had finally paid off. Insurance paid the truck off, we had a rental until we found a new vehicle, and we were happy with the outcome. 

If we would not have had insurance, we would have had to pay the thousands of dollars that we owed on the truck which could have put our family in a real bind. We would have had to pay all of the towing fees and still would have had to purchase a new vehicle to get our family around. 

So, are you insured? As a Christian, are you insured? 

What you may not know is that you are already insured and this insurance doesn’t cost you a thing. Jesus paid for our insurance when he shed His blood on the Cross. Because of God, sending His son down to earth to die on the Cross for our sins, we now have the insurance that we need to get to Heaven. Everyone has this insurance. 

Although everyone has this insurance, not everyone has opted into it. Everyone can get it at no cost to them but many have not hit the accept button. They are still living their life as they choose and do not care to change. Like an uninsured motorist, if something tragic was to happen and they did not choose to get coverage, they will be faced with a life-changing and potentially damaging situation. 

If you or someone you know has not opted into the free insurance that Jesus provided us, it is time to get signed up. Teach the way of salvation and give them the opportunity to live eternally with Christ. 

If you need help, reach out to one of the amazing Christians throughout the world. We are here to help you and pray for you. 

God is Good.  



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