Calm and Collective

Don’t you love it when you are driving down the road with your kids, your phone rings and then all of the sudden the kids decide that it is time to let loose on their loudness levels? 

Or, how do you like it when you are trying to teach your kids things and they are constantly interrupting you with something that is not relevant to what you are trying to explain to them? 

Parents, you know that this happens all of the time and it can be quite frustrating. These type of behaviors can cause us to become frustrated with our kids. Honestly, it is something that I struggle with and have to work hard to control. Although our kids have some issues with listening, we have to work with them on knowing the importance of listening so they can learn. 

Throughout the Bible, there are many examples of people gathering and listening to those trying to spread God’s Word. Most of the time, people listened and learned but then there are those who don’t really care to listen to what anyone is saying. Mark 2:5, Jesus comes in contact with a man with an unclean spirit. Jesus entered the synagogue in Capernaum and was teaching those who were in attendance. They were amazed at His teachings. 

Then, like our children, there was a man that decided that he would interrupt Jesus while He was teaching. The man with the unclean spirit started crying out against Him. 

How does Jesus handle this situation? Of course, Jesus did just as many of us do. He raised his voice and started fussing back at the man..Right?  Not at all.  Calmly, Jesus spoke to the unclean spirit inside of the man and asked Him to be silent and come out at once. The 

Of course, we don’t have the ability to instantly calm our children or anyone else that tends to disrupt our conversations. One thing we can do is to use the example of how Jesus handled the situation. He did not stand up and start fussing. He was calm and collective. 

If we focus on being calm around those who are constantly trying to pull our strings, we will show a Christlike example. Those around us will see that and could potentially change themselves. Letting Christ shine is us can brighten others as well. 

It will be hard but next time someone starts to annoy you, try to think of how Christ would handle the situation before reacting. Remain calm, collect our thoughts, and use the opportunity to teach. 

God is God… 

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