Christlike Inside the Building

Most of the time when we preach, “We need to be a Christlike example”, we are talking about being one out in the public world. Places we go and people we run across, we want them to see the joy of Christ in us. We teach our kids to let our light shine everywhere we visit. 

Did you know that some statistics show that people leave the church when they get older because of the way they saw their fellow Christians act while inside the Bible class or worship services? 

We have to be careful with our kids. One small negative, un-christlike, incident cause be branded into a child’s mind and never be erased. The child can remember how someone treated them and have negative views of that person and also the church. Their first thought is “If that is Christlike, why should I be a part of it?”. Unfortunately, it is hard to convince a child that the poor decisions of one person, inside the church, does not reflect the image of the entire church family. 

We teach our children to forgive when things happen. Forgiving is a command. The kids forgive but they don’t forget. It is hard for a kid to brush off things especially when it causes them sadness or hurt. 

So, if you are blessed with the opportunity to help mold our children, while in Bible class, please remember to be Christlike. These little eyes are watching every move you make and learning from you. How you act and how you treat them can determine their future. 

This goes beyond just the teachers but everyone. This post is specifically dealing with our actions inside the walls of the building we meet in. These thoughts can be carried into the world as well. 

God is Good…

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