Keeping the Drive

Last night, we had the opportunity to hear our boys and their friends present their sermons to us that they put together at Little Mountain Ministry Camp. Each one of these young men did an outstanding job presenting to all of us. Sometimes the toughest crowd are the ones we know the best. We all were very proud of these guys and we know that if they continue on the path they are on right now, the Lord’s church is in great hands.

The future of the church is in the hands of our young people. As parents, we need to be doing everything we can to make sure we are raising our children in the light of the Lord. If we teach them that they can skip worship to attend a baseball game, then when they get older they will be comfortable with missing for other things. If we raise them to know that God, and anything related to Him, come first then when they get older they will more than likely keep Christ at the top of their list.

We also need to be careful not to drive them away from the church family as well. This happens and people don’t even realize they are doing it. The way we interact with the children in the church can determine if they keep their desire to attend worship and other events. Children have a very solid memory and if someone is constantly on them they will remember how they were treated and can drive away their willingness to be around.

In order for the church to grow, we have to keep our children motivated to do to the Lord’s work. Present opportunities for them to serve others as much as possible. Attending youth events is a good way to keep them active but we also need to remember that serving God happens more outside of the building.

Don’t let the church family raise our children, that is our job. We are the parents, it is our job to parent. Adults also need to refrain from trying to parent other children as well especially without the knowledge of the parents. We don’t know how other parents are trying to parent their children so we should never take it into our hands to parent their kids. For those that don’t have kids, it is best to not even try to parent them. Raising our children in the image of Christ is the parents’ job, not anyone else’s.

Let’s work hard to keep our children motivated to love the Lord and motivated to serve Him. God blessed us with kids and it is our job to raise them and get them to Heaven. Raise them to know God comes first, not worldly events.

God is good…

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