1,000 Days

A couple of weeks ago, the country music family was struck with a tragedy. Grainger Smith went through what no parent wants to ever experience in their life. He and his wife had found their son unconscious in their pool. They tried to revive their son while paramedics were on their way. The unplanned situation ended with their son leaving earth and joining God in heaven.

For a lot of us, we can only imagine what their family must be experiencing. A couple of days ago, Grainger and his wife released a video to their fans. The video spoke directly about the incident and it was a heartfelt moment for anyone who watches it.

Grainger and his wife have made it their goal to make light out of the dark situation they went through. In times like this, people often look to blame everyone else, even God. What is touching about their words they spoke in the video is that they didn’t blame anyone at all. Not even God. They stated that it was all part of God’s plan for their son to exit the earth as he did. They gave their son to them for 1000 days because that is how long God wanted him to be on the earth with them. Also, they went on to explain that they believe that no one is taken early from the world. They come to earth and leave in the exact moments that God has planned for them.

Pretty awesome right?! It is awesome for anyone who deals with a loss to look at the positive that can come out of any situation. No one knew how many days the Smith’s son would be on earth but the small amount of time he was, he was an impact on others.

There have been many posts over the past few months about how we do not know a time that Christ will come back or a time when He will take us to be back with Him.

Their son only had around 1,000 days on earth to show the world his light. What if our final day is coming as well? Would we be remembered as a child of God? What impact would people say you had on them?

We are not promised tomorrow but we are promised eternity if we follow God’s commands. What is more important? Tomorrow or eternity? Tomorrow may never come.

If you want to renew your relationship with Christ, you can do that at any time. If you need a family to be a part of that loves the Lord, we would love to have you join our family. We love God, our family, and each other and we all want to get to heaven and take people with us!

God is Good…

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