Extreme Mini-Golf

Over the weekend, I was introduced to the mini-golf show called ‘Holey Moley’. We love mini-golf and play it a lot when we go on vacation. So, this new show is not just your typical mini-golf show, it is extreme mini-golf.

These contestants come out and compete in what looks like a fun, challenging mini-golf course. They putt their ball and then is when the fun starts. They don’t only have to make the putt into the hole, they actually have to make it through obstacles in order to win. If the obstacle takes them out, they get a stroke penalty which could cost them their shot at winning the reward. One of the holes has a windmill on it. The player must putt the ball through the windmills and then they have to attempt to run through the windmill themselves without being knocked off of the course. It is very intense and a lot of the players take a hard tumble off the edge of the course.

Our daily life, we are faced with obstacles that try to knock us off our walk with the Lord. These distractions come from many different directions and most of the time we do not even realize they are coming. Our jobs, our friends, strangers, and even our own kids can unknowing test our faith in Him. We think we are on the right path and doing everything just right to get to the goal and the windmill of the world comes and completely wipes us off our feet. Sometimes it takes us a while to recover and get back up on our feet from the hard fall. We must get up and keep working our way towards our goal.

It is hard to admit when we get beat down by the world. Even the little things can seem to impact us in negative ways. It can be a struggle to remain Christlike. Our attitudes towards our peers, our friends, our spouse, and our kids can be impacted because of things in life that try to drag us down. It is tough to overcome.

With God, we can but we must put our complete faith in Him. When we think there is no hope, we must take a step back and let God take control. Don’t keep getting beat down by the world, let God be the one who guides you through the trenches.

God is Good…

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