Someone Will Die Today

Sunday was a beautiful day in many ways. It was one of the first days that it has not rained nor been cold. It was also beautiful to see so many people fully commit their life back to Christ. The sermon Sunday at our local congregation hit so many people in so many ways. It was a real blessing to have someone speak the truth and get us back on track.

One of the many phrases that stuck out to me in Sunday’s lesson was a simple question, or at least it should be simple. The question was something like, “Would you live in the roughest part of the country, if your child was guaranteed Heaven?”. Then it was followed by, “Why was that such a hard question to answer?”.

That led to many thoughts going through our brains. Would we go into place to spread God’s word if there was an extremely high risk of being killed?

Why is that question so hard to answer?

Do we love Christ as we should?

I have many friends that have served in the military. I respect them and their courage to go into unknown territories to protect our country. Blindly, they would go into doors of buildings not knowing if they would walk out alive.

If we, as a group, were instructed to go into a rough inner-city neighborhood and spread God’s word with the stipulation that one or more persons in the group will surely die, would we still go? Honestly, that is a tough question. It is a tough question because we would want to tell our relatives that we may never see them again. We would want to clear up any earthly disputes we have as well. At the end of the day our answer, though tough, would still need to be “Yes, we will go”.

The most interesting part of this entire scenario is that someone will die today. It is guaranteed that someone, somewhere will die. It might be me, it might be you, or it might be someone else that we have never met before. It will happen.

When we wake up each morning, we aren’t guaranteed one minute of our life. When we walk out the door, we are not promised that we will make it to our destination. We do not know when our last breath in this life will be.

We are not guaranteed Heaven. We were not given the option to go spread the Word and we would be guaranteed Heaven. As of matter of fact, it is commanded that we spread the Word but that still doesn’t mean we are guaranteed Heaven. It requires much more than just talking about Jesus.

Spreading the word is a commandment but we must also be Christ-like. A person knowingly living in sin can spread His Word, but they are still choosing to live in sin. We must put Christ above everything else. That includes our spouse, our kids, our jobs, and every other earthly thing that we are involved in. Christ comes first.

If we spread His Word, repent of our sins, be baptized, and live a Christ-like life; then we can say that we have a very high chance of getting to spend eternity with Christ.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow…  What is your choice? Live your life for the worldly things or live for Him.

God is Good.

If you would like to view the video from our Sunday lesson, which I highly encourage, please let me know and I will send you the link. You can also look it up at and look for 12/16/18 AM – Brad Harrub. You will not regret it. 


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