Do You Choose To Ride The Bench?

Basketball season has started for our kids. Yesterday we sat through three entertaining hours of little kids running around and learning the fundamentals of basketball. Our kids love this time of year.

One thing I love about this age group of basketball is that all of the kids get to play. No matter the skill level, each child is given an equal opportunity to play in the game. The best way to learn is to get in the game.

During one of the kids’ game, the coach went over to the bench and asked the kids which one wanted to go into the game next. Crazy as it sounds, out of the three on the bench, only one raised their hand. The other two were perfectly content with not playing.

How many people do we know that are perfectly content with their life?

How many Christians do we know that are perfectly happy with where they are in their spiritual walk?

How many Christians do we know that choose to ride the bench?

Have you noticed that most congregations, that have a few hundred people, do not have the majority of the people active within the church? It is not because they are not asked to participate in different activities; it is because they do not volunteer or accept the invitations when it is presented to them. They choose to sit out.

How do you get closer to Christ if you choose to ride the bench?

As Christians, it is important to be involved, participate in events, and spread His word. In sports, no one has ever made it to the highest level by choosing to sit on the bench.

I’m going to end on the simple question…

How do you expect to get to Heaven, our highest level, by choosing to sit the bench in your Christian walk?

God is Good…

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