Don’t Bail

Last night, our boys had their first baseball practice. We arrived at practice and saw everyone gathered around in a circle. As we approached the others parents, one of them came up and let us know that the coach did not show up.

Earlier in the day, the coach had text everyone to arrive at 6:30 for a parent meeting. Well, we arrived at 7:10 because we couldn’t be there that early plus we went to the wrong field.

Everyone was distraught that the coach did not show up. He was a young kid that volunteered to coach. Some parents decided to leave out of frustration.

Another guy and I decided we would just go ahead and practice. We had a great time with these kids and have volunteered to finish the season as their coaches.

Kids need mentors in life. Not only in their daily life but spiritually as well.

One thing I have struggled with in the years is maintaining the drive to be a spiritual leader in the house. There were some days that I slacked off and some days that I really succeed at it.

Our kids look up to us, as parents, to be the spiritual example. If we bail on them, we can cause them to lose focus and potentially fall away from Christ.

So, next time you decide to skip church for something other than sickness, think about the impact it may have on your child as they watch you choose something else over God.

God is good..

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