5 Days Left To Live

If you only had 5 days left to live what would you do?

Have you ever just sat back and thought about what you would do if you knew exactly how long you had left on earth? Some people who have been diagnosed with different diseases have known the estimation of the time they had left to live. If you knew that you only had five days left to live, what would you change?

Would you make any spiritual changes? Would you start to tell people about Christ? Would you be doing things that you knew would help pave your way to eternal life with Christ?

If your answer is yes, that you would make these changes, my simple question to you is why aren’t you already doing these things now? You want to make changes to help guarantee your way to eternal life if you knew you only had five days left but you aren’t doing those things now.

What weighs on my mind a lot is that we don’t know if we have five days of five decades left. So why aren’t we doing the things now that we say we would do if we only had a short time to live?

We have become too comfortable living in the world. Most of the days, we don’t think about what we would do if Jesus came back right now. We live a life that we believe that tomorrow will always be here but in reality, this hour may be our last hour.

Why wait another minute? Today is Sunday. It is the Lord’s day but even if it wasn’t Sunday you would not have to wait to change your life to live like you would if you were dying. If you aren’t a Christian, why wait to take advantage of the one gift that will give you eternal life? The time is now.

God is Good…

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