Happy Sunday! Isn’t God amazing?!

The past week has been an amazing week. All of our kids went to church camp! Ady went one way to camp with the youth from our home congregation and the boys went a little further southeast Tennessee to ministry camp. It is a blessing to see how much our children grow closer to Christ during camps.

Today is a milestone for me. Thirty-five years ago, I was born in a hospital in Jackson, TN. At the time we were living in Waverly and attending Waverly church of Christ. Since that day, the time has flown by. We’ve lived in a few different cities before I married and since then we have lived in a half a dozen more.

In the past 35 years, many things in my life have changed. I was baptized when I was younger, made some odd choices in life, married the love of my life, had kids, and now work hard to be a faithful Christian and example to my family and friends.

In the past 35 years, the world has changed…And not for the better.

But, do you know what has not changed? God’s Word has not changed. The laws of the Bible are still the laws that we are to follow today. When God’s inspired writers of the Bible, He meant for it to last until Jesus returns to take us home with Him. If He would have meant for the Bible to be changed, He would have left blank pages in the Bible for the world to define the future.

Sin is still sin, no matter how much we all want to believe that the view of sin changes. Murder is still wrong. Placing others and things before God is still a sin. Homosexuality is still a sin.

Jesus came to earth to save us from all of our sins. He lived on the same earth we walk on today, lived a short life of somewhere between 30-36 years, and then died a cruel death on the cross. He did this all of you and me. He rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven to prepare a place for us to spend eternity.

That was almost two-thousand years ago. The world has changed, the Bible has not.

So, in my next 35 years, what am I going to do? I am going to try my best to live faithfully for the Lord. Be the Christian example I need to be for my family, friends, and others. I will try not to be a stumbling block for others and help people get to know God so they can spend eternity with Him. ..

God is Good…

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