We are currently on vacation in Gatlinburg. The last time we were in Gatlinburg, as a family, was a week before the wildfire took place. A few months later, we came back up to the Smoky Mountain marriage retreat. We had the opportunity to cruise around the area and see all of the damages that was done by the fire. It was amazing to see how so much damage can come from one single mistake.

Two young boys were in the national park and decided to start the fire. There are many stories circulating on the actual events but it was one mistake that caused all of the destruction. One single flame spread from tree to tree, and then from mountain to mountain. It claimed the lives of over a dozen and destroyed over ten thousand acres. All of this because of one simple mistake in the decision made by two young men.

Our life can be destructive just like the wildfires. As Christians, we let one simple sin in our life and it can change our lives forever. For instance, pornography is an easily accessible sin that is the world has legalized. Someone can watch a video and not think anything about it. Then, they watch another and another. Before long they have dug themselves so deep in the sin that it has taken over their life. Adultery has occurred and the life of sin has become the norm for them. That single pornography video destroyed their life like the wildfire destroyed the Smoky Mountains.

Once the wildfire of sin enters our life it can be very difficult to clean the mess up. It can take months or even years and sometimes the person is not restored to the way he or she was. Admitting that there is a problem is the first step and repenting of those sins is a must. God will forgive you and there are people that are willing to take you in, love you and help you. You can replace the above example of pornography with any sin that has taken over your life. It may be something you believe is minor but you know you need help.

Don’t let sin burn your relationship with Christ.

God is Good…

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